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    There was a huge gap in the premium car market that Reefined just had to fill, and it affects every single luxury car brand. That means Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porches, Bentleys, and many more. 

    Here it is. Despite these being some of the best car brands in the world, many of their cars don’t have premium floor mats. Those that do, don’t have good ones. So your interior ends up getting covered in dirt coming off people’s shoes and all external dirt and debris. And that’s the last thing you want in a luxury car. 

    Plus, there’s not much point in having a car that looks and drives amazing but lacks the finer details on the inside. Especially if you’re paying out a six-figure sum to buy it.

    And if you get a mass-produced mat off the web or second-hand, you run the risk of it:

    • Wearing out quickly.
    • Being made of poor materials.
    • Smelling like industrial rubber.
    • Getting in the way of the car’s pedals. 

    So if you don’t want the hassle from any of that, it’s crucial you get a mat that fits exactly. 

    That’s why we offer tailor-made car mats that blend in perfectly with your car. We provide:

    • Lamborghini Floor Mats 
    • Ferrari Floor Mats
    • Mercedes Car Mats 
    • Bentley Car Mats
    • Audi Car Mats 
    • BMW Car Mats 
    • Mclaren Floor Mats 
    • Land Rover Floor Mats 
    • And many more…  

    Our Lamborghini range is particularly comprehensive and currently includes Lamborghini Aventador floor mats, Lamborghini Gallardo floor mats, Lamborghini Huracan floor mats, Lamborghini Diablo floor mats, and Lamborghini Urus mats. 

    Our Audi range includes the Audi A1 car mats and Audi A5 car mats. And our Mercedes range includes Mercedes GLC rubber car mats, Mercedes CLK car mats, and Mercedes Benz C300 car mats.

    If you’re not sure whether we’ll cover your car, just ask us, and we’ll let you know ASAP. 

    All our mats are investments that will stand the test of time and impress anyone who sits in your car. We make them from the finest materials we can find, in a border colour you select from our handpicked range. We also trim the mat down to size so it’s a perfect fit.

    But before we do that, we spend hours researching and developing each mat. Even if all the measurements and colours are right, it still needs to do its job. So we make sure it does. 

    And you can hold us to that because we’ll take your wishes and give you back a sample in just 72 hours.

    That way, you can see for yourself how great our mats are.

    We’ll also go the extra mile by offering 7 added benefits:

    1. Logos for your mat designed in-house by us (if requested & not under copyright).
    2. Plenty of materials including needle punch carpet, polyamide, and tufted polypropylene. 
    3. A wide range of colours for you to choose from. 
    4. An anti-slip backing made from NSF, rubber crumb, or other materials. 
    5. A neat and stylish finish, with leather-look vinyl, real leather, or cloth tape.  
    6. We’ll match the fixing systems in your car, so fitting the mat is stress-free.
    7. We think our mats will outlast the time you own your car. If not, we’ll replace. See our guarantee

    To help give you peace of mind and back up our claims, Reefined is registered according to ISO9001:2000. That means all our materials have to meet British and European standards, not just our own. And when these standards change, we change to match them. 

    Simply put, we are the leaders when it comes to the most desired cars in the world.

    To pick and customise your dream car mat, click here.